The park

A new immersive adventure park.

Lake Como Adventure Park is an adventure park consists of 5 different paths with varying difficulty; two designed for kids, one for younger and adults (medium difficulty) and one for adults.

The park activities is to address and overcome more than 30 different games suspended in trees (Tibetan bridges, cableways with lianas, swinging logs, etc.), All in complete safety and in compliance with the plants and with the assistance of a Specialised personnel.

Those who want to submit yourself to this adventure will have to wear a helmet that not only protects the person, will also have the task of identifying the path taken. All paths are equipped with high security devices; a “life line” (ie a connected cable with a carabiner to the harness) ensures maximum safety in any situation you are.


In the park, as well as fun and get excited with which our paths, you can relax in nature and enjoy a wonderful view.

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